JICA Training Program to Japanese descendants FAQ

JICA(Japanese International Cooperation Agency) aim for contribute with Latin American countries in technological cooperation through the training program for Japanese descendants project.

■ FAQ ■

Q.How can I make the subscription?
A.You can get the application form in your nearest JICA office. If there is no JICA office in your country you can consult to the Japanese consulate.
Q.When is the subscription closing date?
A.The subscription is made twice per year (first period is from September to December, second period is from April to July). The deadline for the subscription depends the country you are living you can ask for details to the JICA office.
Q.What are the content and the schedule of personal training program?
A.Our suggested personal training program is totally opened to setting by the applicant and his/her adviser in the training institute.  The applicant can choose the theme. Therefore, there is no planned schedule or content. It is necessary for the applicant to consult his/her training plan with his/her adviser (tutor).
Q.What is the relation between “The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad” and JICA?
A.JICA Training Program is a project made by JICA, the receiving institute and a proponent group. The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad is working as a proponent group and we are receiving the trainee under an agreement with JICA. We will take care of the daily life, and supervise the progress of the training of the trainee who is taking our suggested programs.
Q.How can I find an institute (tutor) for the personal training?
A.It is advisable to ask to present tutor or friends. However, if the applicant doesn’t have any kinds of connections, try to find the institute (tutor) in web sites or bulletins.
Q.What kinds of costs are covered during the stay?。
A.JICA will cover the flight ticket (both ways), the living expenses during the stay, the cost of transportation. 
Q.What is about the accommodation?
A.Trainees must live in the place where JICA has fixed (JICA center, contracted hotels, etc.). Trainees are not allowed to choose the place.
Q.Do the trainees are allowed to participate in academic conference outside Japan?
A.Trainees are not allowed to go on a trip abroad (except in emergency case). Therefore, it is not allowed to participate in academic conference outside Japan.

If you have a question, please consult to the following numbers or by using the consulting form.

■TEL:+81-45-211-1783(About the training for Japanese as heritage language teacher)
■TEL:+81-45-211-1784(Others training)
■Consult here

※ Applicants can ask for more details in resident abroad JICA offices. Forms needed for the subscription and closing dates are also available in these offices.