Nikkei Scholarship “Dream Come True Project”

The Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship ‘Dream Come True Project'” is a scholarship program which grants opportunities to young Japanese descendants abroad who have a concrete plan or dream to contribute to enhanced understanding between their residing countries and Japan and/or promoting the evolution of their residing countries or communities to realize their plans and dreams.

Granted with subsidies by the Nippon Foundation, our association is engaged in activities including recruiting, screening, preparing for acceptance, and the provision of scholarship money, etc. regarding students on the scholarship.

This scholarship program is mainly being implemented for younger Nikkei residents in the Central and South America regions. Our expectations of the scholarship recipients are as follows:

  1. Human resources who will contribute to enhanced understanding and promotion of mutual exchanges.
  2. Human resources who will help promote the evolution of their residing countries and communities.
  3. Human resources who will be able to play central roles in the next-generation Nikkei society.

To accomplish the above-mentioned purpose, we select individuals with a firm and clear goal of acquiring expertise through studies in Japan and who will thereby play active roles in their respective countries of residence in future.

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